About us

MIC GmbH Consulting offers advisory services for organisations, projects and individuals and supports change processes in specific areas of organisational, personnel and cooperation development. Since founding the company in 1994, a main focus of our work has been international cooperation. Over this period, MIC has carried out expert evaluation and consultancy assignments in over 40 countries. Moreover, we also advise and support change management processes in the German public sector (above all municipalities, scientific institutions), in the non-profit sector (associations, societies) and in small and medium-sized enterprises.


We are a core team of two senior experts with long standing consultancy experience in Germany and abroad. In addition, we work with a pool of experienced colleagues.

Our consultancy approach

Based on our experience, we believe that advisory services are only sustainable when solutions emerge from within the organisation, the company, or individuals themselves. We support our clients to independently develop responses to their own challenges, formulating adapted strategies and measures, and integrating these into working practice.


We see ourselves as a companion on your path to change in a partnership of mutual trust. We appreciate differing perspectives, backgrounds and experiences, and consider diversity as an opportunity for shared learning and boosting innovation.


Our experience with complex assignments at home and abroad helps us analyse diverse logics, dynamics and conflicting objectives. Our systemic view focuses on an interplay of the individual parts of an organisation as well as on its interaction with the system environment.


We believe in the necessity of differentiated analyses, and, at the same time, we try to reduce complexity to facilitate decision making.


We design change processes with the help of up-to-date methodological expertise and consider every advisory service as a tailor-made process. We determine the speed and intensity of our support according to your requirements and place importance on a responsible use of financial, human and time resources. At the same time, we never lose sight of assignment aims or the sustainable benefits for you.